Through some of the work carried out by the Community Team, they have found one consistent barrier to participation, both in schools and clubs, is the lack of appropriate kit and equipment. Recycle Possession hopes to be the solution to this problem.

Recycle Possession is an on-going kit donation scheme and will be run throughout the season. The purpose of Recycle Possession is to provide kit to those who don’t have the access or resources to get their own, therefore potentially meaning they cannot participate.

The programme will be heavily related to the club’s Project Rugby Programme. Donations to the Recycle Possession scheme can be made by anyone! The Championship Squad members have already been recycling some items out of their kit bags.

As previously mentioned, Recycle Possession will run throughout the 2018/19 season with several methods of donations. The community team will accept donations at any Community Event including Camps, Take Overs and school visits. The team will also be available to come and collect donations from clubs.

For information on Recycle Possession or to arrange a donation visit please contact